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1My car needs repairs, what is my first step?
Regardless of whether you are working with an insurance company, we will need to estimate the damage before we can begin repair. If your vehicle is drivable, drop by any time or call to schedule an estimate during our normal working hours (8a.m.-5p.m. Monday-Friday). If your vehicle is not drivable, see our links section for a good tow company to get it here for you.
2What will an estimate cost me?
Absolutely nothing! Estimates are free and take about 15 minutes on average.
3What do I do once my car has been estimated?
You can schedule an appointment immediately before leaving our office if you'd like. If you need more time to check your schedule, deal with your insurance company, or think it over, your estimate will be valid for 6 months, so you can call us when you're ready to have the work done.
4What if I can't drop my car off first thing in the morning?
We have a key drop box outside the office door if it would be more convenient for you to drop it off the night before. Just park it out front and remember to lock it up! If you need to drop it off in the afternoon, just be advised it will set us back and the repair might not be finished by the end of the day you were expecting it.
5Can I pick my car up after hours as well?
Yes, just make payment arrangements with us when you drop it off (or over the phone) and we'll lock it up for you and leave it outside.
6Where will my insurance company send the check?
Insurance companies will send the check directly to you unless stated otherwise. You may also sign a Direction to Pay form, found here on our website or at our office, which gives the insurance company permission to pay us directly.
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